Why CUBAS? Why it’s time for CUBAS.

Frustrated by outmoded systems and frameworks? Ready for a more meaningful way of working with families using a model which offers real opportunities to intervene for change? It’s time for CUBAS.

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Professional, dynamic assessment

Through dynamic on and off line assessment tools CUBAS supports the generation of professional and concise court ready reports, that cover all elements within standard letters of instruction.

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Your assessment assistant

  • A web based, mobile on and off line application
  • Recognises social work skills, experience and integrity
  • Combines innovative approaches with bespoke facilitation tools and software support

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Developed by its founders, CUBAS bespoke training includes engagement approaches, use of the CUBAS model, online software and toolkit. CUBAS training equips you with the skills and tools to be the expert of choice.

BECOME A LICENSED CUBAS ASSESSOR Become a fully trained CUBAS assessor in 3 easy steps.

1. Book your 2 day course

Train over two days in face-to-face sessions. This training covers the entire CUBAS model and the accompanying software and toolkit.

2. Learn the application of CUBAS

Understand how CUBAS guides the assessor through the capture of data and offers relevant cues to assist analysis, conclusions and recommendations.

3. Get your CUBAS licence

Become a licenced CUBAS practioner, access your complete CUBAS toolkit and undertake validated CUBAS assessments.

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It is very evident that this framework and software and the tools have been devised by people with vast experience. It’s very child focused and sets out clearly what is required to achieve the right judgement.

CUBAS is so much more than I thought. For the families I work with and for my evidence, this was the best two days I've spent.

The course was great. Brilliant assessment training and I know these tools and methods will clearly evidence whether families can change old patterns of behaviour too.

CUBAS is clearly a model that parents can engage in and is child focused. It will be invaluable in my work.

The CUBAS model is a dynamic and comprehensive parenting assessment providing a full evaluation of a parents’ capacity in a user-friendly, digestible format. It highlights areas of strength and challenge. The CUBAS parent report enables solicitors to relay the assessment quickly and succinctly in a format they can understand. It covers every aspect the Court expect to see in an assessment and fundamentally sets out clear recommendations for change. The dynamic model enables parents of all capabilities to be fairly, yet robustly assessed.

My solicitor arranged my CUBAS assessment. I thought it sounded ok. It was - I really got it! Everything was clear. It was all about us. Stuff was explained with videos pictures and cards and questions I understood. I can’t always say when I don’t know what the social workers mean. I didn’t have to worry. It wasn’t easy. I was learning as it carried on. At the end the social worker gave me my own report. That showed me what I need to do better. I know what to do next. I cant get my kids home unless I do it. I hope I can. It’s up to me now.

If only I could have understood all these things better before…now I really know what they need. I know what gets in the way of me being a good dad. I know now how to be a good dad now and make the right choices.

I didn’t feel like I could cope with another assessment. This was so different. It felt so much better. I liked the way really felt about us and it showed us clearly what I had to do to make a difference this time. I understood everything and that’s the first time... I think it’s the way it’s done.

For the first time I feel I really understand what my children need. Seeing the way Cubas sets that out for me I can now see how many of their needs aren’t met. I can also see what I need to do far more clearly

CUBAS is an absolute non-negotiable for the creation of fair, robust and evidenced based court ready parenting assessments. Assessments that are meaningful and actually facilitate change. It highlights strengths and weaknesses and offers Solutions that improve children’s lives. Cubas simply shines a laser to the areas that other Dynamic Parenting Assessments leave glaring, yet often unnoticed deficits. The deficits and bluntness of previous Dynamic Parenting Assessments, have often prevented potentially capable individuals from parenting… a state of the art new protocol that will inform the next generation of assessors.

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