FOR USE BY CUBAS TRAINED AND LICENSED PRACTITIONERS ONLYA logical and evidence-based assessment framework.

The CUBAS built in report format already covers the vast majority of additional questions within Letters of instruction as standard practice, saving lots of precious time. For use by suitably CUBAS trained and licensed practitioners only.

Cleverly Designed Tools & Processes.

CUBAS IS NOT A TRAINING PROGRAMME, but its cleverly designed tools and processes actively promote change where change is possible. Parents’ capacity to learn and develop is gauged throughout the process. The assessor uses the most relevant and up to date integral assessment tools to facilitate meaningful engagement and understanding, and applies specific risk and need criteria. All CUBAS assessments recommend relevant support to further reduce/negate risk and support ongoing change where possible.

CUBAS reports are Re D [2016] compliant.

  • CUBAS takes all reasonable steps to involve parents in the assessment.
  • CUBAS considers whether the parent can be a ‘good enough’ parent with ongoing support.
  • CUBAS incorporates full consideration of support needs for parents with learning difficulties.
  • CUBAS ensures that the parents’ competencies are not judged against stricter or harsher standards than any other parent.

Comprehensive reports for court and simplified reports for the parents.

CUBAS provides the format for comprehensive reporting with clear evidence using simple colour-coded ratings of risk and support needs. A shorter simplified visual report is provided for parents. When required, the local authority is encouraged to provide a translated and audio recorded parent report.

Experience and Credentials.

CUBAS benefits from it’s creators having over four decades of expertise in high quality assessments. Geraldine Wetherell and Clair Chamberlain are highly respected expert witnesses with a wealth of experience across a wide range of cultural contrasts.

CUBAS training and licensing demands full social work qualification and ongoing Social Work England registration (or Scotland / Wales / Ireland equivalent). Independent social workers undertaking CUBAS assessments are required to have completed a post qualifying period of no less than three years. Local authorities have discretion for training and licensing of delegates with a lesser post qualifying period, subject to their own measurements of their readiness and experience.

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