We have over four decades of combined social work assessment experience, meaningfully engaging and facilitating parents including those with additional learning needs and providing creative approaches to assessment.

Our mission is to meet the need for more meaningful ways of working with families. We have created a contemporary solution the issue of parental assessment which overcomes the frustrations of outmoded systems. CUBAS promotes high quality evidence which does justice to the gravity of decision making for children and their families.

Clair Chamberlain

Clair is experienced over many years in social work practice with children and families and in therapeutic foster care. She is widely recognised as an extremely effective professional social worker and team manager, leading consistently ‘outstanding’ rated organisations with a relentless focus on improving and maintaining services to children and families. Clair is described by Ofsted as “Consistently raising the bar in the pursuit of high-quality outcomes for children”. Clair is a robust witness with detailed insight, and professional and personal integrity.

As a highly respected manager and independent SW practitioner, Clair is dedicated to creative, constructive and meaningful work with families, and to tailoring parent/carer engagement, assessment, and change interventions to really make them count. Clair’s professional insight, creativity, professionalism and integrity are reflected throughout CUBAS and the training programme. She has brought all her expertise to the process of CUBAS development.

Geraldine Wetherell

Geraldine is a highly regarded SW expert witness within childcare proceedings. She is experienced over 30 plus years across fostering and adoption, Child protection, Family support, Children in care, team management and Independent SW.  

Geraldine is widely reputed for her professional balance and integrity in complex legal proceedings and childcare practice. Geraldine’s engagement techniques, her ability to establish full understanding of whole family functioning are widely appreciated by local authorities, guardians, legal professionals and the courts, as well as by families. CUBAS incorporates Geraldine’s wide range of experience and established knowledge of her profession. 

Geraldine has tailored CUBAS and the training programme accordingly, to facilitate all parents in full engagement, using ‘what works’ and many creative tools to enable social workers in this complex field of family assessment to make every assessment evidence based, robust and meaningful. Also to enable timely and fully considered analysis and recommendations to local authorities and /or the court.

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