Feel more at ease with a CUBAS parenting assessment.

A CUBAS dynamic parenting assessment gives you a fair and thorough assessment. A CUBAS trained assessor will ensure you understand everything you are asked and are comfortable with the assessment. The assessor will also make a decision on whether they visit you at your home, or at a Centre. Your CUBAS assessor will visit you six times for up to two hours each time.

CUBAS will ensure you have a thorough understanding.

A CUBAS assessor will offer you enough time and lots of ways to think about what’s really important. They will provide clear information about what they are measuring and assessing. They will suggest things which will help you to develop as a parent.

At the end of your assessment they will provide a report.

At the end of your CUBAS assessment, your assessor will write a report just for you. It will make it easy for you to understand your assessment and help you with your next steps. They will also write a report for the court or local authority and may give evidence about your assessment to assist the court.

You can ask your solicitor or social worker for a CUBAS assessment.

You can ask your solicitor or social worker to make contact with a fully trained and licensed CUBAS assessor on your behalf. Just ask for a CUBAS dynamic parenting assessment and they will look into this for you.

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